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Train schedule Bucharest-Czernowitz

Bucuresti Gara de Nord Gr. A Dpart 06:38
Chernovcy-Severnaya Arrive 20:35
Travel time 13:57

At the border (Siret) there is a train gage change, the schedule
shows 3 hours but was told it takes much longer. Also do not forget
the custom/immigration hustle on both sides of the Romanian and
Ukrainian border.
The taxi drivers from Suceava have a way of getting through the
border in no time.


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I traveled to Czernowitz 10 years ago so my info may be outdated.
There was a train originating in Varna, Bulgaria that stopped in
Bucharest (gara Baneasa) on the way to Moscow via Czernivtsi and
Kiev.The disadvantage was that it took 3 or 4 hours in Suceava (or
Siret) to change wheels for the wider Russian rails. Otherwise it was
a more comfortable ride than car or bus.
Gaby Rinzler
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> There were several e-mails giving the wrong information.
> So lets get something strait.?
> The mileage from Suceava to Czernovits is 50 miles or 81 Km.?
> In Suceava?you can get a taxi for $10.00 from the McDonald parking
>lot.? > It helps if you speak Rumanian.?There are also busses from
>the bus > staition to Cz
> The mileage from Lviv or Lvov or Lemberg to Czernowitz is 166 Miles
>or 265 > Km.
> FYI, I took the train from Lvov to Cz in 1989 and it took 12 hours,
>at > that time there were no taxis or busses from there.
> Best
> Arthur

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